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The Academy

Performing Arts Initiative


"This will be a game changer!"

What is the Academy?

As we embark on our celebratory journey marking a decade of service, we are thrilled to announce "The PA Academy”; our initiative to give back to the community that has embraced us so warmly.This unique program is designed to guide students on a performing arts track, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed for high school and college auditions, and easing their transition into the rigors of a performing arts high school, collegiate dance program or a career in the arts.

Through this program, we are scouting for young dancers brimming with passion and potential from schools across Mableton and neighboring counties. Selected candidates will have the opportunity to audition for our dance program and receive either partial or FULL scholarships to attend classes at our studio. Our overarching goal at ETD is to bridge the gap, facilitating a seamless transition for our students towards success. 


Let’s DANCE! 

How Does the Academy Work?

ETD collaborates with schools that have pre-established dance programs. ETD creates a tailored curriculum designed to enhance the school's dance program. This program not only supports the development of individual dancers but also strengthens the overall dance community. Join us and be part of a unique opportunity that bridges school and studio dance education.


Membership Requirements:

  • Currently, dancers must be recommended by their school dance instructor.


ETD conducts auditions and selects dancers based on the following criteria:

  • Technique

  • Performance

  • Written Essay

  • Need

  • Teacher Recommendation

  • Overall Impression

Interested in Partnering?

We would love the opportunity to collaborate with you! Simply click the link to set up an appointment.  Let’s create something amazing together!

IMG_5547 2.HEIC

We are so grateful for this partnership opportunity"
Teresa Wilson, New Manchester H.S.

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