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Little Stars Combo

Ages 5-8 years

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Our Little Stars Program offers dancers ages 5-8 a comprehensive introduction to various dance styles, including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop. This vibrant program is divided into two levels: Little Stars 1 and Little Stars 2.

  • Little Stars 1 caters to both recreational and performance divisions, providing a beginner to intermediate level of instruction. This level lays the foundation for young dancers, focusing on basic techniques and fostering a love for dance.


  • Little Stars 2 is exclusively offered in the Performance Division and is designed for intermediate-level dancers. Typically, students must complete Little Stars 1 before advancing to Little Stars 2. In addition to the styles taught in Little Stars 1, Little Stars 2 includes Jazz, offering a more challenging and enriching experience for our young dancers.


Join our Little Stars Program and watch your child shine as they explore the joy of dance in a nurturing and dynamic environment!

Combo Classes:

Enjoy the flexibility and ease of our Combo Classes, part of our exclusive Little Stars Program. Here’s how it works:

  1. Single Classes: Choose from Ballet, Tap, Jazz, or Hip Hop.

  2. Combo Options:

    • 2 Class Combo: Ballet/Tap, Ballet/Hip Hop, Hip Hop/Tap, Tap/Swag

    • 3 Class Combo: Ballet/Tap/Hip Hop

Note: Some combos may have a 45-minute gap between classes, which we do not recommend due to the wait time.

  • Online registration not available for Little Stars 2 Program

  • Dancers in Little Stars 2 must be placed by director

  • Inquire about Little Stars 2 Program enrollment

  • Little Stars 2 is in the Performance Division

  • Ballet is a pre-requisite for Little Stars 2

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