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Classes starting at 3 years

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Ballet is a timeless and elegant dance form performed to music, characterized by precise and highly formalized steps and gestures. It is the foundation of many dance styles, offering numerous benefits. Ballet enhances flexibility, strength, and posture, while fostering discipline, focus, and self-confidence. Through the grace and beauty of ballet, dancers develop artistic expression and a deep appreciation for the art of movement. Join our Ballet classes and experience the transformative power of this classical dance form.


ETD is thrilled to offer Pointe classes under the expert direction of Ms. Denise McLendon. This advanced class requires dancers to take a mandatory Ballet class and undergo an assessment before placement. Our Pointe program focuses on strength, precision, and grace, ensuring that dancers develop the necessary skills and technique to excel on pointe. Join us and experience the elegance and discipline of Pointe Ballet at ETD!

  • Dancer's must be assessed for placemement

  • Class is director placed

  • Mandatory Ballet class required

  • Privates available

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